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Credit Repair Service

We ensure our client’s credit history is reported accurately by levering the fair credit report act. While providing comprehensive credit and financial education to help our clients make empowered financial decisions.
Having great credit and making informed financial decisions can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars in the long run.
The process usually takes up to 30 days to 90 days, although some reflect sooner.

Credit Repair

Helping our clients achieve their credit and financial goals.

Credit Line Report

A temporary credit line added to your history report.

Loan Assistance

A temporary Credit Line Added To Your History Report.


Fund personal projects, business, or pay off a debt. Get in touch.

Our Services

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Credit Repair Service

Credit Repair Bronx NY

  • Personal online portal to check the status of disputes.
  • Analyze your report, identify inaccurate information and ensure only accurate information is reflected on your credit reports based on the fair credit reporting act.
  • We work closely with creditors to ensure information is accurate and negotiate settlements.
Credit Line

Credit Line Report

A personal line of credit added to your credit report for 3 months. perfect for boosting scores when applying for credit cards, lines of credit, and small loans.

Prices may vary with a line of credit selected

Loan Assistance For Bad Credit

Loan Assistance

Loan assistance for bad credit. We are with associated with the top credit repair companies


Who checks credit scores?

When you apply for credit—or for a service through certain types of companies—expect them to check your credit score. This includes: Banks, Credit card issuers, Mortgage lenders, Auto lenders, Landlords, Car insurance companies, Car rental companies, Cell phone companies, Utility companies, Government agencies

When do credit scores update?

Any day of the month, a data provider may submit new credit information to the credit bureaus. Once the credit bureau updates your credit report accordingly, you can expect the new information to be factored into your credit score. This means that there is no specific day when credit scores are updated; theoretically, they can be updated daily.

What credit scores are good and bad?

Credit scores range from 300 to 850. This applies to both FICO scores and VantageScores. Every lender assesses creditworthiness based on their own internal system, but in general, the range of things goes like this:

• 800–855 – Exceptional credit
• 740–799 – Very good credit
• 670–739 – Good credit
• 580–669 – Fair credit
• 300–579 – Poor credit

Credit repair near me at Kingsbridge

We are located at 50 W Kingsbridge Rd, Bronx, NY, 10468


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